Prince George ‘heartbreakingly-sad’ during funeral  

PRINCE George was paying his respects to his great-grandmother The Queen at her funeral yesterday.

A body language expert said the nine-year-old royal appeared “heartbreakingly sad” and showed “concern” for dad Prince William at Westminster Abbey.

Judi James said: “There were moments when it seemed William and Kate were benefiting from the support and reassurance of their two small children rather than the other way round.

“Prince George walked beside his father and, despite some glances thrown from William down to his son, George’s upright posture suggested he needed little in the way of reassurance and it was the expression he threw up at his father that looked more like a warm smile of concern to check he was ok.

“George also mimicked some of his father’s body language, checking and smoothing his suit jacket like a grown-up. 

“His eye expression as they followed the coffin in looked heart-breakingly sad and he was seen to wipe at his eyes during the start of the service but there were no signs that he prompted any expressions of concern from William.”