Ruth Langsford calls cricketer’s racist comments ‘teenage bants’

Loose Women star Ruth Langsford has faced criticism for referring to cricketer Ollie Robinson’s racist comments as ‘teenage bants’.

Robinson posted a string of racist and sexist tweets at age 18, which he has since apologised for. 

He has been suspended from international cricket by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), with Boris Johnson and sports minister Oliver Dowden criticising the decision.

On Loose Women, Janet Street-Porter insisted Robinson should have apologised a long time ago, before making his England debut.

‘I think apologising after, no matter how heartfelt, won’t placate a lot of people, a lot of other players,’ she said.

‘Are you saying at 18, he’s an adult?’ Langsford, who helmed the discussion, asked, with Street-Porter saying: ‘He was an adult, you’re an adult at 18.’

’18 is a teen,’ Langsford countered. ‘Could an argument be made that he was a hot-headed teenager, a stupid teenager, he said some stupid things? It might have been the kind of bants he was having with his mates?’

Some viewers were left unimpressed by Langsford’s comment, with one writing: ‘Did Ruth just refer to racist and sexist comments as banter?’

‘Racism is not “bants”!! Sort it out,’ another added, while one more said: ‘Here we go defending the racist words of people when they were young. #LooseWomen And not it’s not just bants. People have died from just bants. It’s racist abuse.’

‘Hold up… did the host of #LooseWomen just refer to racist and sexist comments as “bants”? I hope that I heard it incorrectly. Please tell me I misheard,’ another said.