School faces backlash for ‘ridiculous’ rule that pupils’ face masks match uniforms

A private school has seen a fierce backlash from parents after demanding pupils wear coronavirus face masks which match the colour of their uniforms.

In a policy slammed as “ridiculous”, private schools in Melbourne, Australia have introduced mandatory requirements for the face coverings as pupils don them in an effort to curb the spread of Covid-19.

One of the posh schools, Lighthouse Christian College in Keysborough, in Melbourne’s south-east, have said pupils must wear masks in specific colours which match the school uniforms.

They even sent a video out to parents last week, 9News reports, which revealed the rules.

The guidelines state pupils must wear masks which are a “standard solid colour” – so either black, blue, white or grey – and they must not have any designs or patterns on them.

And the schools have gone even further, by placing a ban on scarves or bandanas being used as face coverings.

Pupils have been told they can pick up a face mask which conforms to the strict rules from the reception at the school if they do not have one which is appropriate.


And pupils exempted from the rules due to a medical reason, are asked to tell their school leader.

The policy states: “Face masks must be worn to and from school and while on site.”

The video was posted on YouTube but has now been deleted.

School principal Avril Howard said it had “standards and protocols in regards to the wearing of masks”.

But parents in the community blasted the policy as “ridiculous”.

Objections included the fact the masks are often hard to come by in any colour, let alone specific colours, 9News reports.

Another Melbourne school, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar in Essendon, has also taken up the policy.

It is reported that a company which supplies uniform the school has made up some “earslbrae blue” masks specially for their client.

The new rules states pupils had to buy the specially made college mask or bring their own disposable masks in either white or blue.

It stated: “Please note, until 16 August, any plain masks of light colour may be worn.”