Street artist Banksy reveals his real first name in lost interview uncovered after 20 years

The elusive street artist Banksy has unveiled his actual first name in a recently uncovered interview dating back 20 years. The renowned graffiti artist from Bristol, known for both his anonymity and anti-authoritarian art, disclosed his name as Robbie, as revealed in a new BBC programme.

Banksy’s identity has remained unconfirmed, although numerous reports have previously pointed to him being Robin Gunningham. Now featured in a new BBC Radio 4 show, The Banksy Story, is an interview conducted 20 years ago that has only recently resurfaced.

Former BBC arts correspondent Nigel Wrench spoke to the clandestine artist during the summer of 2003 to commemorate Banksy’s Turf War exhibition in East London. The journalist is heard asking: “Are you happy for me to use your name? Is it Robert Banks?”

To which the artist responds: “It’s Robbie.”

There have been suggestions that Robin Gunningham, a former student of Bristol Cathedral School, later adopted the names Robin Banks and then Banksy, as reported by the Bristol Post.

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