Teen killer, 15, boasted about laughing as he hacked factory worker to death with samurai sword in sick ‘no remorse’ rap

Luke Gaukroger, 16, and accomplice Kiyran Earnshaw, 18, hacked at defenceless Robert Wilson outside a factory in Huddersfield.

Kiyran Earnshaw murdered the worker with a samurai sword
Kiyran Earnshaw murdered the worker with a samurai swordCredit: West Yorks Police
Luke Gaukroger wanted to decapitate the dadCredit: West Yorks Police

The monster teen then penned vile raps about trying to slice off the 53-year-old’s head as he boasted about the gruesome killing.

One called “No Remorse” included the lyrics “sitting in the dock trying to show remorse but I don’t feel it”.

He then goes on to say he wouldn’t mean a “fake apology just to be at home”.

Another goes into grisly detail about how Robert was “struggling for his last breath” when he gave up after the brutal ten-minute attack.

It continues: “I was still stabbing up the guy’s chest, laughing cos my knife work the best”.

One had the lyrics: “Dip him, leave him drippin’, now my shoes floating in a pool

“Burn my kicks, burn my Calvins after, burn that fool.


TEEN Gaukroger wrote graphic raps after being charged from his detention centre.

One read: 

Now I’m sitting in jail forgetting ‘bout all you

Necks on the road all of you think you’re bad but you

Ain’t bad on your own. Step up into my zone, I’ll

Show you that I’m on smoke. I’ll be dishing out

Multiple pokes, you won’t like me when I’m mad like

Hulk bro, I’ll show you my maximum smoke blade

Went in and out, made him choke

Pupils dilate like he’s on coke

The last sound he made is a croak

I heard him struggling for his last breath when

He gave up, said wag warn to death I was

Still stabbing up the guy’s chest, laughing cos my

Knife work the best

Sammy made the Don hit the deck, no cap man.

Was chopping at his neck, us man almost detatched his

Head. Can only imagine how much he bleed over

100 wounds up his body, that’s what fed told me n My Donny. OML I’m spitting the truth I don’t

Tell no lies in the booth.

“I was chillin with Ky, we was tryna bill it but we had to kill it,

“Big man tried beefin’ so we had to kill it,

“We was wetting my man up for like 10 whole minute”.

Gaukroger and Earnshaw were yesterday jailed for life with a minimum of 16 years and eight months and 22 years respectively.

Both teens, who have previous convictions for violent offences, admitted murder and causing a colleague grievous bodily harm with intent.

Leeds Crown Court heard how Robert had gone to investigate youths outside the factory he worked at when the teens launched the attack.

Chilling audio recorded on Robert’s phone captured the teen shouting: “Get his head, I want to cut his head, Kia I want to cut his head”.

The recording also captured the worker’s pleas as he begged the pair to stop during the “frenzied and senseless” ten-minute attack.

Robert’s heartbroken wife Elaine said his death was “completely incomprehensible”.

She bravely faced the dad-of-two’s killers in court, asking: “How on earth have we come to this and why?”

Elaine told in an emotional statement how she went into a “downward spiral” after learning about her husband’s horrific death.

Wife’s heartbreaking tribute

Robert was a much loved husband, stepfather, brother, uncle and friend.

He was hard working, had a wicked sense of humour, and was fun to be with. He enjoyed many things in life, loved all sports, gardening, long distance walking (especially in the Yorkshire Dales) and music of which he was very knowledgeable. 

His passion for the game of golf brought many friends into our lives and he loved being a member of Dewsbury District Golf Club.


Earnshaw mounted the attack after Robert asked them to leave the premises of the Thornton & Ross factory on January 16.

He pulled the blade from his tracksuit bottoms and began knifing the defenceless dad to death.

Horrific CCTV then showed the younger defendant repeatedly shouting: “Pass me the shank, pass me the shank.”

The teen could be seen approaching Robert before knifing him 11 times – starting at his back before aiming the blows at his front.

As the sword is passed to Earnshaw, he grabbed it by both hands “like an axe” and brought it down on the victim eight times in his side and back.

At one point, the twisted pair paused to catch their breath and began rifling through Robert’s pockets as he lay dying.


Prosecutor Peter Makepeace QC said: “Earnshaw and (the boy) together holding the sword and crouching to the upper body then seem to make a concerted effort to saw the head from the shoulders.

“Both then jointly stab the upper body using their combined force.”

The CCTV then showed Earnshaw chopping at the victim’s head 15 times before the second teen tries grabbing the weapon and a tussle ensues.

When police arrived at the scene, one of the pair was “using the sword in sawing motion to the neck area of the deceased as if trying to detach the head from the body”.

Another colleague who had approached the boys as they skulked in the car park was seriously injured as he tried to help his friend.

Drug tests found Earnshaw had taken a mixture of cocaine and a cheap tranquilliser that causes drowsiness and confusion.

A post mortem found Robert died from “at least 100 sharp force injuries to the body” – mainly to his head, neck and upper body.

The court was told the dad-of-two enjoyed gardening, golf and walking in the Yorkshire Dales.

Speaking after the sentencing today, DCI Marc Bowes of the Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, Senior Investigating Officer in the case, said: “It is no exaggeration to say the level of violence used by these males in the attacks was absolutely barbaric.

“They both acted in a manner which many of us would struggle to comprehend and committed acts which were among the worst that I and other members of my investigation team have witnessed in our policing careers.

“We can’t begin to imagine the appalling impact Mr Wilson’s murder has had on his family. Their courage and dignity in coping with such a traumatic event has been immense.”