Asda and Tesco customers are furious that Easter eggs were missing from online deliveries.

Shoppers are besides themselves after the sweet oval treats they had ordered in time for today’s celebrations were missing.

They headed to social media in their droves to complain about the missing eggs.

“What are you doing to me Tesco?” one woman wrote.

“No Easter eggs on my Easter Eve grocery delivery? You didn’t have a single egg left to substitute??? 

“None??? At least you volunteered beef in place of the missing traditional lamb. Kids not so chuffed though.”

Another woman remarked: “Sorry kids, looks like an Easter egg hunt round the garden is another thing cancelled for you this year!”

Tesco was not the only shop to receive egg related complaints.

“You’ve done bad today,” an angry Brit directed at Asda.

“Easter eggs delivery ordered over a week ago you’ve sold to someone else!

“One egg out of seven ordered. Pathetic stock control, they weren’t ordered yesterday and were all available when ordered.

“Absolutely furious.”

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