Toddler gives sister sweet kiss in last video before both killed and dumped under sea by dad

A HEARTBREAKING video of two young sisters kissing and hugging has emerged days after they were kidnapped and ‘killed’ by their father.

The 30-second clip shows six-year-old Olivia Gimeno kissing her younger sister Anna, one, on the cheek and teaching her to do the same back.

In the footage, Olivia asks Anna for a “besito” – “little kiss” in English – and smiles when her baby sister begins fondling with her cheek instead.

The Spanish youngster then kisses Anna again and lays her head on her baby sister’s shoulder.

This comes as Spanish police confirmed finding Olivia’s body in a bag 3,000 feet under the ocean off Tenerife.

Coroners identified Olivia’s body on Fridayafter carrying out tests on an anonymous body found in a bag floating in the ocean.

Cops say the missing six-year-old Olivia’s body was weighed down with an anchor. 

Authorities are still searching for Anna after a second empty sports bag was found nearby.

Upon finding the body on Thursday, a police spokesman said: “The body was found by a robot from the search vessel Angeles Alvarino at midday [Thursday] around 1,000 metres below the water some three miles off the Tenerife coast.

“It was inside a sports bag attached to an anchor. Next to it was another empty sports bag.

“The body was taken to dry land for an autopsy. The vessel called Angeles Alvarino is continuing its search.”

There are fears Olivia’s one-year-old sister, Anna, may never be found after another holdall found nearby – suspected to contain her body – was empty. 

The girls’ mother, Beatriz Zimmerman, has been informed of the discovery.