Traffic cop films ‘UFO’ hovering in british skies while out on patrol

A TRAFFIC cop reckons he has caught an eerie glowing UFO on his dash-cam.

Video footage shows a weird glowing blob hovering above a hill as the officer drives along the A59 between Skipton and Bolton Abbey in North Yorks.

In the clip, an intermittently glowing bright white light that the cop said appeared to be made up of a smaller cluster of glowing orbs hovers in mid-air before disappearing.

Former detective Gary Heseltine – now a full time UFO expert – said of the footage: “I cannot think of a rational explanation for such a tight cluster of lights.”

Gary, who was sent the footage by the unnamed UFO-spotting officer, handed the video to the US UFO Hunters team who “confirmed it was genuine”.

The team of TV alien experts said the clip “showed an unidentified anomalous light”.

But Gary – who is also editor of UFO Truth Magazine – added: “The camera footage did not capture in sufficient detail what the officer actually saw – he described a ‘packed cluster of small, very bright lights’.”

He said the officer who spotted the cluster was adamant the object was not a searchlight or an aircraft using its afterburner, after he slowed down his patrol car to catch a more detailed glimpse.

Citing the Pentagon’s December 2017 admission that “real unidentified objects” are flying around in US airspace “which exhibit flight characteristics way beyond the technology of our latest fighter jets,” Gary sad: “I would speculate that these things are also doing the same thing in the UK.”

Gary took early retirement in 2013 to become a full-time UFO detective after serving for 24 years in the British Transport Police.

For the past three years he has been investigating Britain’s answer to the Roswell incident – the infamous Rendlesham Forest incident – as part of his research for an upcoming feature length documentary, Capel Green.

He has uncovered a wealth of new information on the case which will only be released when the film comes out in the spring of 2021.

Over a series of three nights between Christmas and New Year, UFOs were reported in the forest and over the twin airbases of RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters, in Suffolk.

Lt Col Charles Halt, the deputy base commander, witnessed the strange flashing lights while on patrol with a team of security police officers.

He also reported beams of light coming down to the ground near their feet and more beams were seen hitting the nuclear weapons bunkers on the NATO base.

He filed a memo to the MOD but the case was closed as it was not of “defence significance.”

Gary, of Scholes, West Yorkshire, added: “I have accumulated a great deal of new information, from source material old and new which will add considerably to the case.

“I believe the public have not been told the full story and I want to give them the full facts.

“In light of the recent 2017 Pentagon Admissions which confirmed that ‘real’ unidentified craft were flying in US airspace and moving in ways beyond that of their top fighter jets, it’s time the MOD changed their stance on the subject and we had an open examination of the very best of UFO/UAP cases for the first time.”