TV & radio presenter Jenny Powell taken to hospital after ‘losing so much blood’

Jenny Powell has admitted that her menopause symptoms were so severe she was rushed to hospital for treatment.

The TV presenter, 54, said she was left struggling to “get out of bed every day”.

As well as the physical symptoms, Jenny – who has two daughters – admitted the menopause affected her mentally, too.

TV favourite Jenny revealed that she lost so much blood she was hospitalised for anaemia and had to undergo treatment.

She spoke candidly to Closer about her experience with the perimenopause – the time before a woman’s periods stop.

Jenny admitted that she didn’t address things straight away, which led to the condition becoming worse.

As a result, she ended up needing treatment in hospital.

Doctors diagnosed anaemia and she had to have iron transfusions to address it.

Jenny said: “My periods were awful, I’d have to change about five times a day and I lost that much blood that I became anaemic.

“I left it too long to get it sorted, so in the end I had to have iron infusions in hospital.”

The star also revealed how things changed mentally for her during the menopause.

“The menopause affected me mentally and I didn’t feel like me. I was really tired and depressed. I’d struggle to get out of bed and I couldn’t wait to go back to bed at night,” she said.