TV’s ‘grossest story ever’ has presenter retching as viewers say ‘you’ll never top this’

Fans of the Chris and Rosie Ramsey Show have found their comedy gold in TV history as they heard stand-up comedian Lou Sanders shared a gross dog story.

The BBC Two hit show went viral on social media two weeks ago after guest Lou started retching uncontrollably on air.

She appeared on the “Please Keep Me Anonymous” segment to read a fan’s letter to the audience and hosts Chris and Rosie.

Lou held up the paper and said: “Dear Chris and Rosie, please keep me anonymous. A few years ago, I was sat on the sofa with my dog on my lap eating a tuna mayo sandwich for lunch.

“My dog was getting quite excited, thinking that he was going to get some leftovers and kept fidgeting on my knee.

“When I was finished, I went to take my plate into the kitchen and noticed I had something oily on my arm.

“Thinking it was mayo for my sandwich, I licked it instantly.”

At this point, the crowd sensed that something very wrong could happen and Chris was covering his mouth with his hand, looking shocked.

And Lou continued: “To realise, I’m gonna gag, to realise it wasn’t mayo at all. It was, it was in fact the juice…”

She covered her mouth and made a gagging sound while the audience laughed.

“It was in fact the juice from my dog’s …my dog…” Lou struggled to finish the sentence as she retched uncontrollably in front of the camera.

The crowd burst into laughter while Rosie asked Lou if she was alright.

Chris, who laughed too hard and ended up rolling on the stage, added: “I think, I think we can finish the sentence.”

“It was the juice from my dog’s anal gland, which must have burst, while begging for my sandwich,” Lou reads out the rest of the letter.

“If you’ve never smelled anal gland juice, it smells like rotting dusty fish so as you can imagine, I was horrified and couldn’t put my tongue back in my mouth until I drenched in mouthwash.

“To this day, it’s potentially the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Thank God for that!”