Two men ‘sexually assaulted by man who spiked their drinks’ 

An man has told a court that he was left ‘broken in two’ after an alleged sex assault. 

The victim was working for Luiz Da Silva Neto, 35, at his home in Middle Barton, Oxfordshire, in November last year when he felt sleepy after being given some Jagermeister. 

He was fully clothed when he dropped off, but when he woke up he was naked. 

Prosecutor Matthew Walsh said: ‘He tried to do something about it but realised his body was not working properly. It was as if he was paralysed.’

He then alleged that Da Silva Neto was also naked and performing oral sex on him while pornography played in the background. 

Mr Walsh said: ‘He woke up the next morning and describes himself as being “broken in two”. 

When leaving the property, the man noticed what he described as a syringe on the side of the kitchen and became convinced he had been drugged, the court heard.

Prosecutors believe that the syringe may have contained GHB or GBL. 

Da Silva Neto allegedly suggested that he pay off his victim when he contacted him to say he was unhappy about what had happened. 

A month later, a second man was out with colleagues at Raffles in London’s West End. 

He felt strange so left the club and got into a car when he could not get a taxi. At that point he said his memory began to fade. 

Mr Walsh said: ‘Something happened at some stage after he left that club. The prosecution’s case is that the defendant took advantage of the man being drunk.

‘At some stage the prosecution says he was also to give him a substance, possibly GHB.’

After driving around London, they ended up at Da Silva Neto’s property in Middle Barton.

A man may have drugged two victims with an ‘aphrodisiac’ before sexually assaulting them, a court has heard,

Luiz Da Silva Neto, 35, is accused of spiking two men, potentially with GHB or GBL, and abusing them in November and December last year. 

The first was targeted on November 9 after going to Da Silva Neto’s house in Middle Barton, Oxfordshire, to carry out some work for him, prosecutors say. 

The court heard the pair arrived at the home and had some shots of Jagermeister before the man began to feel tired. He went to sleep fully clothed but woke up naked.

The court heard that the man had a ‘hazy, partial memory’ of a drink filled with a dark liquid being put to his mouth and not wanting to drink it.

The man then woke up in the property the next day and found he had messages from various people asking where he was.

He returned to London where his wife took him to hospital where he carried out tests, which showed he was negative for GBL and GHB.

Two days later, on December 12, Da Silva Neto was arrested. Police searched his home and found bottles which contained traces of GBL.

Da Silva Neto, of Wandsworth, southwest London, is accused of two counts of administering a substance with intent.

He is also charged with two counts of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent and one count of kidnapping, rape and committing an offence with intent to commit a sexual offence.

He denies all allegations against him and told detectives during interviews that all sexual interactions between him and the two men had been consensual. 

The trial continues.