Uber Eat driver delivers food after dropping it on floor and scraping back into containers

AN Uber Eats courier spilled a family’s take­away on the ground, scooped it back into containers with his bare hands and delivered it.

He was caught on CCTV as the paper bag split — spilling burgers, chips, chicken wings and sauce on his customers’ drive.

The courier kicked the bag under a parked Audi before handing over the stacked containers, some missing lids.

Jonathan Levi, 41, said he questioned

the delivery man

, who was not wearing a mask or gloves, but he insisted all was well before hurrying away.

The incident was caught on neighbour Michael Valentine’s CCTV cameras — and he rang to shout: “Don’t eat the food.”

The meal had been ordered by Jonathan’s wife Emma, 46, for them and children Electra, 11, and Teddy, four.

She spent £26.50 at a gourmet burger


in Finchley, North London, via the Uber app. TV producer Jonathan said: “The courier scarpered quickly on his bike. We started putting the order on plates and realised it was cold. Then Michael rang.”

They cooked fish fingers from their freezer and took pictures of the bag, sauce and chips on the ground.

Jonathan said: “If we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic I would have just thought the courier was a cheeky bastard. But I think this was as reckless as it was disgusting.

“He didn’t care if we got food poisoning — or something much worse.”

Uber said: “We are investigating the incident, and if found to be accurate, in these situations we would remove a courier’s access to the app.”