UK forecast: Britain to get HOTTER as 30C heatwave hits THIS WEEK

Warm, sunny weather is set to dominate again this week, with sizzling temperatures forecast this weekend. Weather charts show much of the UK turn a deep red as the mercury soars to the high 20s, with forecasters predicting temperatures could reach the low-30s in parts of south-east England.

Temperature charts by Netweather show highs of 23C in the south east of England today, as the sunny conditions move in.

Highs of 22C are expected in northern England, with a warm 20C forecast for the north east of Scotland.

Wednesday is set to be even warmer, with 24C forecast in the capital and an average of 22C seen across England.

The hot weather will continue through Thursday, before soaring to 27C by Friday evening.

The higher temperatures are forecast in the south east of England, as well as parts of East Anglia and northern England.

Northern Ireland can also expect temperatures to reach 22C.

By Saturday evening the temperature chart shows the whole of England turn a deep red, as the mercury soars to the mid-to-high 20s.

A sizzling 29C is forecast in the capital, with temperatures ranging between 26 and 22C elsewhere.

Parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can also expect the mercury to reach the low-20s.

Sunday, June 13, is expected to be even warmer, with the weather chart showing the whole of the UK turn a burnt red as temperatures soar across the nation.

The whole of England is set to see temperatures soar to highs of 27C, while parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can expect highs of 24C.

Temperatures on Monday are expected to reach 29C in the south of England.

Netweather forecasters predict temperatures could even rise to the early-30s from Monday.

They said: “This week will start with a ridge of high pressure from the Azores High covering the British Isles, and there is potential for it to be hot, especially towards the south-east, with temperatures in the mid to high 20s Celsius in many parts of England, possibly also parts of Wales, perhaps nudging the low 30s in the south-east of England.

“It will also be warm in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but generally low to mid-20s Celsius.”