Viewers all say the same thing about Queen’s grandson, 14

THE Queen’s youngest grandson was praised by viewers tonight as he stood guard of Her Majesty’s coffin.

Those watching the spine-tingling vigil at Westminster Hall this evening praised James, Viscount Severn, for bravely standing alongside his cousins for the 15 minute period of reflection.

The stoic 14-year-old lowered his head as emotional mourners filed past to see his grandmother lying in state.

Viewers said the teen was “admirable” for standing vigil at such a young age.

And many believed the poignant moment echoed images of Princes William and Harry stood at Princess Diana’s funeral back in 1997.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Can’t help but notice that Prince Edward’s 14-year-old son James bears a very eerie resemblance to Prince William during Princess Diana’s funeral.”

Another said: “The Queen’s youngest grandson, James, Viscount Severn, reminds me of Harry when Diana died.”

Someone else commented: “Young James Viscount Severn looks so much like Prince William when he was of a similar age and having to go through so much pain publicly, such a brave young man.”

A fourth wrote: “Bless all the royal grandchildren for that vigil.

“Especially the Wessex children: so young and not much in the spotlight, hope someone gave them a hug after.

“Couldn’t help thinking how much James Viscount Severn with his teen floppy hair looked like William at Diana’s funeral.”