Wildfires on Greek island force hundreds of tourists to flee hotels

Wildfires on the Greek island of Rhodes have compelled hundreds of tourists to vacate their hotels amid scorching temperatures.

Authorities have evacuated four locations near the areas of Kiotari and Lardos in the southeastern part of the island as firefighting crews grapple with multiple blazes.

According to local media, the flames have reached three hotels, compelling residents to leave for safety.

Yannis Artopios, the spokesperson for the Fire Service, stated that over 200 firefighters and 40 fire engines have been deployed to gain control over the fires, with additional support from three planes and five helicopters.

Residents in four localities received text messages urging them to evacuate and relocate to other regions.

This situation occurs as Greece is experiencing the hottest July weekend in 50 years, as reported by a leading meteorologist.

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