World falls silent in two minute silence to honour the Queen at end of her funeral

The world fell silent for two minutes to remember her Majesty the Queen.

Billions of people around the globe took part in the sombre moment of reflection as Her Majesty’s funeral came to a close in Westminster Abbey.

Mourners outside of Buckingham Palace were seen hanging their heads as the nation held its breath at 11.55am to remember Queen Elizabeth II.

Last night at 8pm the nation fell silent in memory of the Queen.

Her Majesty is now set to make the journey from Westminster Abbey to Windsor where she will be laid to rest.

More than 100 flights to and from Heathrow Airport were cancelled around noon to ensure that the skies were quiet for the silence.

Tearful well-wishers looked down in reflection of the Queen’s 70-year reign.

Earlier the Queen’s coffin had been carried from Westminster Hall where she had been lying in state for the last four days.

Around 500,000 people are said to have visited her coffin during that time.