BREAKING: Shock as much loved ITV star dies

Lorraine Kelly has joined celebrities in paying tribute to a producer of her show who has sadly passed away from cancer at the age of 25. The Scottish daytime star expressed her sorrow after Hannah Hawkins’ husband, Tom, announced her passing on November 3.

Hawkins gave birth to a baby boy just two months ago and was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time while she was pregnant. Sharing a touching photo of her on social media, cradling their baby, Tom penned a heartfelt message.

“For someone whose love language was gift-giving, leaving us the day before my birthday was really not the one. I wish you’d kept the receipt,” he began.

“There is no way I can pay tribute or sum you up in one post. In fact, I could write an essay on how unfair this is. That you miss out on seeing Rory growing up, that he won’t be able to feel the love of his mum, and that this terrible illness took hold so quickly.”

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