Shock for fans as legendary British musician dies

THE STONE Roses bassist Pete Garner has passed away at the age of 61. The star was part of the original line-up of the band when they formed in 1983. Frontman Ian Brown today paid tribute to the rocker.

Brown wrote: “Yeah, very sad. We were young punk rockers when we met in ’77. “The night before Pete’s maths and geography O levels, we went to see the Clash. “Always made me chuckle he did that, and of course, he made the right decision! X”

He added: “Few loved music as much as Pete. “He had been immersed in music since ‘Anarchy in the UK’ came out.

“That I can vouch for, and Pete was off the scale nice, an old school nice that you just don’t get anymore! “He got that from his lovely Mum! GOD Bless Pete RIP.”

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