Radio host shot dead during live broadcast after gunman broke into studio pretending to be a listener

A radio anchor in the Philippines has been fatally shot while conducting a live Facebook broadcast.

Juan Jumalon, renowned as DJ Johnny Walker, was shot twice in Calamba when an audacious intruder entered his home studio, posing as a listener, according to the police.

Mr Jumalon was in the midst of a live-stream on Facebook at approximately 05:30 local time when the perpetrator entered the recording booth and discharged his firearm. As reported by the BBC, the “listener” requested permission to make an “important on-air announcement.”

Disturbing footage captured the 57-year-old individual momentarily diverting his gaze from the camera just before the gunshots erupted. Subsequently, he slumped back in his chair while the music continued to play.

The assailant was then observed seizing the DJ’s gold necklace before making a swift escape on a motorbike, accompanied by an accomplice who had been waiting outside Jumalon’s residence.

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